• Battery management systems are simple in theory. Using a current monitor, only put as much current back into the battery as you take out. Instead of maintaining a constant 13.8 volts (V) or thereabouts, a battery management system checks the battery'
  • Engine need air, fuel and spark to start, and they must be correctly timed. But when either the crank position sensor or the cam position sensor is lost, the ECM may shut down ignition, injection or both. But codes typically set and extended cranking
  • A Lexus SC300 came into our shop once with an oil leak that we identified as a power steering pressure line leak. The owner later brought in his mother's 1996 Chevy Blazer to have its engine worked on. From that Blazer to oil leaks in Chevy trucks, t
  • In today's world of tightening environmental regulations, global warming alarmism and all the rest of it, everybody who lays a wrench on an A/C system should be certified to do so. Why? Well, one good reason is that it's a $32,000 fine if a governmen