Service Information

  • has initiated a Brake Pad Review section on it’s website. A YouTube type video with a technician reviewing brake pads will appear on the site and new brake pad reviews will appear every two weeks.  
  • Snap-on announces it has added free VANTAGE Ultra Training Solutions modules to its website at 
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  • The technical services team at Wells Vehicle Electronics has released two in-depth video case studies covering mass air flow (MAF) and variable valve timing (VVT) diagnostics.
    wells vehicle electronics
  • East Penn Manufacturing announces the launch of a new mobile version of its online application guide at This new mobile site will place the same high quality information from the desktop at the user’s fingertips, freshly formatted to fit a mobile device. 
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  • Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, a manufacturer of fuel pumps, has just launched the Spanish version of it’s award winning technical training website.
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  • Whether you have a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a 6R140 (commonly referred to as the Torqshift 6), there is only 1 valve body listed for this transmission. 
  • Even though the carbon compounds that accumulate in the engine are unwanted, carbon is very much a part of the internal combustion engine. This is because the lubricants and fuels that are used in the engine are carbon based compounds.
  • The good folks at Continental Automatic Transmissions in Bridgeview, Ill., gave me a heads up if a new style 2014 model year 09G transmission now on the road.
  • Snap-on Software Upgrade 14.2 supercharges the Snap-on family of diagnostic tools for stronger starts and faster finishes, allowing technicians to expand their diagnostic capabilities to fuel efficiency and productivity in the bay.
    snap-on diagnostics, vehicle diagnostics, snap-on software
  • And when it comes to performing routine disc brake services, giving your customer their money’s worth (and avoiding unnecessary comebacks) requires attention to detail.  
    Pete Meier
  • Four wheel drive Jeep vehicles that use the NAG1 transmission may suddenly have a no move condition. The presence of a noise may or may not be heard when the transmission is placed into gear. 
  • The first story shares a lesson on not getting caught with your pants down, the other is a tale of a BMW clutch gone sour, and the third? Well, the third is just for your enjoyment! 
  • The U140/240 and 150/250 front wheel drive series transmissions has had and continues to have issues related to the quality of shift transitions. Most times resetting the shift adapts after repairs, rebuild or the replacement of a transmission handles the problem. 
  • You connect a scope the same way you would connect a multimeter to test for voltage. The difference is rather than looking at voltage numbers you are looking at a waveform.  
  • ATSG has had many years dealing with great techs in shops around the world. In diagnosing problems with them, they often times share with us other problems they have struggled with and resolved.
  • Mitchell 1 has enhanced its ProDemand repair, diagnostic and maintenance software with an infusion of new expert-based information and expanded features to help auto service professionals diagnose and repair vehicles faster and with more accuracy.
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  • European vehicles with drivability problems can and do get turned away from the service bays by many of the best technicians around because they’re just not comfortable working on them. But it doesn’t need to be that way.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • Changing the sensor and cleaning the connector will fix the problem but if the hose leak isn’t addressed, it will only be a matter of time before this problem repeats itself.
  • The National Green Garage Challenge program is pleased to announce that Lauren Bailey, Manager of Regulatory Initiatives for National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), will be the guest speaker for an educational webinar entitled, “How EPA Educates Green Dealerships”. 
    Green Garage Challenge, NADA
  • Participating MAP member service facilities are hosting free brake safety inspections during Brake Safety Awareness Month across the country to help teach local drivers about proper brake system safety and maintenance. 
    MAP, Motorist Assurance Program