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  • Mitchell 1 announces the release of its 2015 Emission Control Application Guide (ECAT15) for domestic and import cars, light trucks, vans (diesel engines) and Class ‘A’ motor homes with gasoline engines, model years 1966 - 2015. 
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  • Mercedes 722.9 transmission is a two part case (Figure 1). The converter housing is made of die-cast aluminum. The main transmission case or housing is made of die-cast magnesium.
  • This story is centered on a PT Cruiser that came to us from a regular customer who has owned several of these curvy little rides. The problems the PT had were not so cut and dried, and the last thing I want to do is dump a bunch of high dollar work into a vehicle before I know for sure what’s needed.
  • How often does a car come to your bay with an automatic transmission shifting complaint that is not a transmission problem at all? 
  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are nearly identical in appearance and chemistry to flooded lead acid batteries. 
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  • The customer came in with a complaint that his Check Engine light was on. A quick scan easily showed the reason for the complaint. A P0401 (Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Insufficient Flow) code was found when I checked using Global OBDII’s Mode $03. 
  • The 6F50 and 6T70 transaxles were developed as a joint effort between Ford and General Motors. Because this was a joint effort, as you can imagine, many of the internal parts are very similar or almost identical but will not interchange.
  • Since the introduction of fuel injection on the internal combustion engine (ICE) more than 100 years ago, there have been many changes to this system.
  • Snap-on has added free VERUS PRO Training Solutions videos to its website.
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  • Not even a year has gone by since ALLDATA Community, a diagnostic question and answer site designed for technicians, was formally launched. Backed up by the ALLDATA diagnostic team, it has already helped a great many technicians with fast solutions to difficult diagnoses.
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  • AutoMD, Inc., previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc., has announced that Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation, Cox Automotive, Inc., and existing U.S. Auto Parts investors have purchased a minority stake in AutoMD.
  • Hankook Tire’s Fall Gauge Index revealed that 57 percent of Americans leave regular car care  obligations such as registration and safety inspections until the last minute or past the recommended timeframe.
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  • The new Snap-on Diagnostics Software Upgrade 14.4 delivers high performance diagnostics when the job is tough and the clock is ticking.
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  • Premature overdrive clutch failure (figure 1), with 45, 545 and 68 - RFE transmissions is a common complaint.  
  • When visiting WiWi’s Transmissions in Miami on a hot Saturday morning, there was a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 with a 6.7L diesel and an AS68RC transmission in failsafe along with a serious delayed engagement into reverse. 
  • From experience, most vehicles will at some point develop problems in their systems, and fortunately most steering concerns are straightforward and simple to diagnose and repair. Even though some problems are specific to certain vehicles, the top 10 steering problems and fixes do seem to apply to all vehicles.
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  • GM’s 6L40/50/80 series rear wheel drive transmissions referred to as GM6 may come in to the shop experiencing a complaint of a delayed reverse accompanied with a slipping reverse as well as a flare or slide 2-3 shift. 
  • Vacuum leaks and fuel delivery problems are common causes for these common codes, and you might be tempted to focus immediately on these. But there are many other causes that can illuminate the MIL for the P0171 and P0174 DTCs that you also need to consider.
  • Electrical power steering (EPS) is a result of eliminating the power steering pump and has drastically changed the way we diagnose and repair steering systems. 
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  • After a good long test drive to relearn the shift adapts, sometimes a shifting or engagement problem remains. Assuming that there is not excessive wear in the valve body and the linear solenoids are good, the clutch control valves on the valve body can be adjusted to correct these problems.