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  • Mitchell 1 announces its ProDemand repair, diagnostic and maintenance information program has been optimized specifically for tablet devices to give users greater ability to access repair information right at the vehicle, where they need it most. 
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  • Identifix, an industry leader in vehicle diagnostics and repair for more than 25 years, has achieved another milestone: 1,000 dealerships throughout North America now subscribe to Direct-Hit.
  • Snap-on announces a new diagnostic calculator feature has been added to its website to help automotive repair technicians and shop owners determine how much profit they could be making by using a Snap-on diagnostic platform.
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  • With the Snap-on Diagnostic Software Subscription program, technicians get the best value on automatic software upgrades so they never worry about missing out on critical tests, relearns and tips, the company reports.
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  • Well, from time to time our technical helpline receives calls with shops fighting a whale of a problem. That is, a transmission blowing fluid out of the vent or worse yet, out of the fill tube if so equipped. 
  • In a previous newsletter called “TCM Relocation”, it spoke about how Ford took a TCM inside the transmission and relocated it externally with some models. 
  • With several possibilities being the cause to transmission fluid overheating, the subject was reserved for a newsletter all its own.
  • The Aisin AW Co., LTD has consistently been the first to market with several different types of automatic transmissions. The longitudinally mounted 8 speed automatic transmission called the TL-80SN is one of these transmissions.
  • MAT Holdings Inc., announces its Bendix disc pad brake program has been extended to include 70 new part numbers for 2015 that will provide coverage for an additional 393 late-model applications including 2015 vehicles.
  • With the new Mobile ManagerPro from Mitchell 1 and an Android tablet device, auto repair shops can now extend their shop management systems into the driveway and service bays with full wireless functionality and integration with Manager™ SE.
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  • WORLDPAC recently announced the addition of OE Detailed Schematic Parts Diagrams now available on speedDIAL, the company’s proprietary electronic catalog and fulfillment ordering software.
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  • Mitchell 1 is taking ProDemand with 1Search to the next level by incorporating a dashboard that provides the top 10 most common repair issues and lookups for a selected vehicle. 
  • ASE is looking for help in a survey that takes about 10 to 12 minutes, even if you don't participate in ASE. The survey covers the industry and ASE's certification testing.
  • Understanding European cars can be complicated, so technicians need their diagnostic tools to be clear and accurate. The new Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade 14.4 continues to increase the optional European vehicle coverage.
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  • When it comes to automotive repair, and in particular automatic transmission repair, being on the diagnosing and repairing end of this increased technology is an incredible challenge. 
  • Toyota Tundra, 4Runner, Tacoma, Sequoia and FJ Cruiser equipped with the A750 transmission may exhibit a complaint of multiple transmission solenoid electrical circuit faults set. 
  • Standard Motor Products, Inc. announces the launch of an annual subscription package to the popular Standard PTS On-Demand Training Program.
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  • With the introduction of the EcoBoost engine family and its ability to deliver horsepower and torque normally reserved for the largest displacement naturally aspirated engines a V6 F150 with a trailer behind it or a 3 cylinder “hot hatch” now seems perfectly natural. 
  • It appears the technicians who own these shops, first and foremost, are pretty decent technicians. He appears to be morally in check in that he really wants to do the job right and try to serve the customer well. 
    Bob Greenwood
  • A 2006 LR3 equipped with a ZF6HP26 transmission may come into the shop with the customer complaining that the gear selector lever has become hard to move.