Auto shop management

  • Elite Worldwide's Jen Monclus explains how a focused effort on under-promising and over-delivering will improve your shop's customer retention.
  • Millennials are critical to the future success of your auto repair business.
  • It is inevitable though, despite your best efforts, planning and management, your shop will hit those brief periods where the schedule looks light and the fear of techs wandering around the shop with no cars in the bays looms ever larger.
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • Always in search of that magic pill or the magic bean, we forget that the basic business concepts we learned when starting our businesses still have to be maintained, audited and adjusted as needed when needed.
    Keith Manich
  • All of us have been in a position where sales or profits need an immediate boost, and we look for anything that we might be missing in our processes to get back on track.
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • The Mitchell 1 “Shift Into High Gear” sweepstakes, running now through March 15, 2016 on Facebook, will award one winner an all-expense paid trip to attend this year’s first shop management training workshop in San Diego, Calif., May 12-14. To enter, visit the Mitchell 1 Facebook page, click on the sweepstakes tab and complete the entry form.
    Mitchell 1
  • I often ask business owners, paint and body technicians, customer service representatives, estimators and other members of the team the following important question: “Why is there never enough time to do the job right the first time; however, there is always time to go back and do it again?” 
    Mike Jones
  • In my 40 years plus in the automotive business, the one thing that still tears me apart is the slow death of an automotive repair shop. Raising prices to stabilize margins to enable you to operate successfully in whatever type of business model you have chosen can be life or death. 
    chris chubby frederick, ati