• The University of the Aftermarket’s comprehensive leadership development program, Heavy Duty Leadership, will be offered again in 2015. The next class will be held July 12-17, 2015, on Northwood University’s campus in Midland, Mich.
  • The University of the Aftermarket’s comprehensive leadership development program, Heavy Duty Leadership, will be offered again in 2015. The next class will be held July 12-17, 2015, on Northwood University’s campus in Midland, Mich.
  • Autoshop Solutions CEO, Danny Sanchez, has been selected to lead three classes at the MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) 2015 Training Event & Trade Show in Orlando from Feb. 5-7. 
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  • The February 2015 edition of The Trainer looks at troubleshooting routine that will improve your diagnostic success. 
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  • In the March 2015 edition of The Trainer, we’ll show you how to make sure you don’t have TPMS warning light comebacks, how to identify a vehicle with a TPMS system, and how to troubleshoot an illuminated TPMS warning light.
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  • Diagnosing any vehicle’s problems without properly testing and evaluating the system is not a responsible repair technique and pretty much is asking for trouble. But realistically, understanding common problems and the tips and techniques to verify the cause and fix it quickly and correctly really does save time and money for everyone involved. 
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  • The MACS trade show and training event allows an attendee to see the latest and greatest in A/C and cooling system products and services, as well as sharpen business and technical skills through the training offered and an annual look at the state of the A/C industry.
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  • Today, Subaru has committed its entire vehicle line to a CVT transmission called the Subaru Lineartronic CVT. 
  • This month’s story revolves around a Dodge Dakota that had developed an oil leak between the passenger side cylinder head and the engine block, and the driver of the vehicle picked it up as an oil smell. 
  • Today’s power distribution centers do a whole lot more than provide a fused pathway. They need to provide power to an innumerable amount of onboard electronic devices and at the same time they have to do the job with less weight.
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  • To help you have a better idea of what is going on today with A/C technology (and problems) let's quickly review the past, focus on the present and peak at the future regarding how vehicles are supposed to save fuel and still keep us cool.
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  • Automechanika Chicago Presents Motor Age Training Live already is a world-class training event, offering more than 100 sessions led by more than 50 of the best instructors in the business. What could make it better? How about certification? 
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  • Automechanika Chicago is making its U.S. debut this April, but aside from the wide variety of courses from top industry trainers, there are other reasons to take some time away from your shop and make it a long weekend in the Windy City. 
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  • The need to attend Automechanika Chicago, which will be held at McCormick Place West April 24-26, is underscored by the level of sophistication, expertise and experience of McConnell and many other highly educated and experienced trainers who will be in attendance. 
  • Mobile technicians from around the country are converging on Chicago to get the training they know they need to stay current.
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  • One problem that may arise with this transmission both before and after a rebuild is too soft of a shift going into second and a flare or slight engine rev during the transition form third to fourth. The soft shift going into second may be perceived as a flared shift while the shift into fourth may feel too soft.
  • Snap-on recently added Training Solutions videos to its YouTube channel, giving professional service technicians another opportunity to learn how to navigate the features and functionality of their Snap-on diagnostic tools. 
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  • Ford or Mazda vehicles equipped with the FNR5/FS5A-EL transaxle may encounter solenoid performance diagnostic trouble codes before or after overhaul. These trouble codes may be misleading if using previous information for the 4F27E as it is almost identical to the FNR5.
  • This problem vehicle was a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6L V8 with a complaint of sometimes being hard to start. The retired owner of this Ford does not drive it much. In fact, this vehicle only had 25,000 miles on the clock. 
  • There is a lot of ground to cover this month, so let’s jump in right away with a series of bullet points for a variety of transmissions. Chances are good that some issue I address this month will appear in your bays in the coming year, if it hasn’t already.