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A remote possibility

Blown fuse may lead to harness replacement
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 07:00
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As an automotive technician servicing Kia vehicles, you may encounter a 2011/2012 Sorento vehicle in which the heater/blower motor is not functioning when the remote start is used. This issue may be caused by a blown 15 amp HVAC1 fuse located within the remote start module. Follow the remote harness removal and replacement procedure in this article to remedy the issue. (Note: The replacement harness utilizes a load reduction design.)

Remote harness removal service procedure
1. Before starting service procedure: Record radio station presets and disconnect negative battery terminal.

2. Remove the driver’s side front door step sill trim by insert-ing the trim removal tool under the trim panel and carefully prying upward to release the four push clips.

3. Carefully pull the weatherstrip away from the side of the driver’s side kick panel. Then remove the following: the hood release lever by pulling toward the center of the vehicle; the plastic nut located near the vehicle dash wall, if equipped; and the driver’s side kick panel from the vehicle by pulling upward to release the push clip and prying toward the center of the vehicle to disengage the two clips. Remove the driver’s side dash end-cap panel by prying outward to disengage the four clips.

To read the full article and view the images, go to the Summer 2017 Kia Quality Connection here!

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