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Meineke at the crossroads of connected cars, consumers

Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:00
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Meineke Car Care Centers have been keeping America’s cars on the road for 45 years with high-quality vehicle repair and maintenance services. But now, Meineke has employed the information superhighway to connect cars and consumers in a data-driven relationship that helps them be safer on the road, makes them more knowledgeable about their vehicle’s performance and allows them to save time and money on routine maintenance and repairs.
Over the past two years, Meineke has developed a broad technology platform to empower its network of car care centers to become the first in the maintenance and repair category to offer a seamless integration of car, driver and car care partner.
“The days of customers coming to one specific brand of repair shop because they have no choice are over,” said Danny Rivera, President, Meineke Car Care Centers.  “With the average car age at 11 years, the inclusion of technology in vehicles creates an opportunity for a seamless repair and maintenance experience so vehicles can continue to safely operate for years to come.
“Customers have grown to expect convenient service at the touch of a button and that desire for convenience has translated to the automotive care industry,” Rivera added. “The expectation of convenience means we can reduce barriers to vehicle service by creating programs that promote convenience, like providing service reminders, diagnosing potential issues, scheduling appointments and offering driver performance monitoring and reports.”

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Meineke has already launched four new key technology platforms over the past 18 months:
New website at – Designed to streamline the consumer’s experience of booking a service appointment for their vehicle, the new puts all of Meineke’s repair resources and advice at the consumer’s fingertips, including store locator, service recommendations and estimated pricing.  It also offers coupons and special offers to encourage proactive vehicle maintenance.
New mobile Meineke app -- The Meineke Connected Car app tells customers when they're due for service, what parts are needed for said service, and how driving habits impact the services and parts needed. The app also tells customers signed up for the Meineke Rewards program how many rewards points they have and if any of the services they need can be performed for free with redemption.
New Meineke Rewards program – Customers who take care of their cars at Meineke can benefit with rewards points for additional services and discounts.  At or at the Meineke mobile app, customers can link their account to their local store and track each service and purchase.  Not only does this provide the customer a record of all of their service – a valuable tool when selling a vehicle – it also awards points for each service.  In addition, customers can see what their rewards balance will cover on future maintenance and repairs.
New Meineke Revvy – Meineke now offers a revolutionary innovation in vehicle maintenance – the Meineke Revvy, a vehicle connectivity system that puts auto maintenance on auto pilot and delivers freedom and peace-of-mind for America’s drivers.  The Meineke Revvy, built on the Vinli platform, with 4G LTE service powered by T-Mobile, connects to vehicle onboard diagnostic systems, creating a fully connected car that delivers freedom from worries about vehicle maintenance, peace-of-mind and deeper insight into vehicle performance – no matter who is driving, and onboard WiFi that turns the car into an entertainment center.  Using the Meineke Revvy, drivers can access their dashboard and download a daily Driver Score and performance report.  If a check engine code returns an error, the Meineke Revvy notifies the driver that maintenance or repairs are needed. It will also contact the neighborhood Meineke to arrange an appointment.  All the driver has to do is drop off their vehicle at their neighborhood Meineke for service.  Additional benefits of the Meineke Revvy include onboard WiFi powered by T-Mobile’s 4G LTE service, the largest app ecosystem for the car with Vinli, improved maintenance and reduced repair costs.  The Meineke Revvy is available for purchase online at and will be available in Meineke centers nationwide in 2017.

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