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AutoEnginuity releases Giotto scan tool

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 07:00
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AutoEnginuity, LLC, a global engineering company specializing in vehicle data stream and diagnostic solutions, announced the worldwide release of the Giotto® scan tool (Version 15.2) for the Windows® platform. AutoEnginuity® scan tools are award-winning vehicle diagnostics systems for the professional vehicle service industry.

With 15.2 we introduce more BMW-specific Service Functions for diesel / petrol engines / electric machine motors, as well as the ADAS Service Functions (SWW / KAFAS / STML). Also, Nissan / Infiniti camera calibration and Freeze Frame Data (FFD) was added with a host of new Work Support functions. Finally, Chrysler / Dodge includes a dozen new systems to our coverage.
Important features include:


  • Improved Clearing DTCs by adding a display showing which system is currently being cleared
  • Improved DTC Report creation by automating the file name creation by pre-labelling with the make, model, year, DTC Report and the date / timestamp


  • Added Fuel Pump Control Module (EKPS) '12 - 16 Service Functions:

                 -Activate Electric Fuel Pump Control
                 -Reset Production Mode for Fuel Pump Control
                 -Bleed Fuel System

  • Added Headlight Driver Module (STML / STMR) Service Function:

                 -Initialize New Headlight Driver Module and Teach-In Turn Indicator

  • Added Lane Change Warning (SWW) Service Functions:

                 -Adjustment of SWW Control Unit and Adjustment of SWW Slave

  • Added DDE N47 / N57 '14 - 16 SCR and DDE Service Functions:

                -DPF Regeneration and Replacement,
                -Reset support for SCR Switch-Off Scenario, Exhaust Emission System, Fuel System, Air Mass System, SCR Exhaust System, Tank System, SCR Meter Module, and SCR AdBlue
                -Register Replacement SCR Catalytic Converter

  • Added DME N20 / N55 / S55 / N63 '10 - 16 Service Functions:

                -Activation Of Electric Fuel Pump Control Electronics
                -Reset Mixture Adaptation, VANOS Adaptation Values, Adaptation Values Of Fuel System, Valvetronic Lift Adaptation, Reset Adaptation Values Of The Increment Wheel
                -Teach-in Valvetronic Lift Values


  • Added support for a dozen new CAN-base modules


  • Added ABS Brake Bleed Test for the '99 Cadillac DeVille
  • Added Steering Wheel Sensor Calibration for '09: G5, Solstice, Cobalt, HHR, Sky, and GT

Nissan / Infiniti

  • Added Freeze Frame Data (FFD) support (e.g., Ignition Counter, Odometer, etc.)
  • Added All Around Camera CAN Work Support functions:

                 -Initialize Camera Image Calibration
                 -Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment
                 -Calibrating Camera Image

  • Added Chassis Control Work Support functions:

                -Erase Last Driver Information
                -Erase Key Allotment User
                -Erase Personal Settings

  • Added Meter CAN Work Support function Diagnosis Series
  • Added Mutli-AV CAN Work Support function Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment
  • Added Sonar CAN Work Support function Volume Setting
  • Added Telematics CAN Work Support function TCU Activate

For further details about Giotto products, visit or email

About AutoEnginuity
AutoEnginuity, LLC, is a global leader in vehicle diagnostic solutions. Since 2002, AutoEnginuity has been delivering superior vehicle specific coverage while maintaining reasonable prices. AutoEnginuity develops world-class vehicle diagnostic solutions for individual, business, and industrial applications.

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