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OTC announces Bravo 2.12 diagnostics software update with expanded coverage

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 09:00
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OTC has announced the release of Bravo 2.12 diagnostic software, the latest major update to its diagnostics software for the Evolve and Encore. Key features of the update include more 2016 coverage, new applications for Steelman PRO® Wi-Fi video scope and Bluetooth® CHASSISEAR® integration and added coverage for 976 new systems and 1,843 new Vehicle-ECU Combinations.
Major coverage updates and improvements in Bravo 2.12 include:

  • New 2016 coverage for Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Infiniti and Mitsubishi
  • New Ford tire pressure monitor tests, body control tests and DTC circuit description for 2016 MY vehicles
  • New General Motors / Saturn hybrid tests for ABS, parking brake, seats and more
  • New Wi-Fi video scope and noise and vibration detection apps for pairing with Steelman PRO® Wi-Fi video scope or Bluetooth® CHASSISEAR®, purchased separately, to use your Evolve to wirelessly view video or diagnose vehicle noises
  • 1,313 new actuation type tests and 194 new adjustment type tests
  • Diagnostic information updated for DTC Circuit Description for 2016MY Ford, DTC Possible Causes for 2015-2016MY Ford and Code Info for 2013-2016 MY Chrysler/Jeep and 2015-2016 Ford
  • Kia Electric Parking Brake, Body Control tests and more
  • BMW/Mini Engine/PCM, Transmission, Climate (HVAC), Suspension, Instrument Cluster tests and more
  • Volkswagen Engine/PCM, Transmission tests

More information on the Bravo 2.12 software update release can be found at

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