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One recent (and also our first “cold”) morning, my wife headed off to work as she normally does but on the way there, experienced a severe “shudder” when she came to a full stop in her 2014 Scion tC.
Pete Meier
I’m just returning from the MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide) training event and trade show, and some news just can’t wait!
Pete Meier shares his experiences from the show floor at the MATCO Tool Expo in Orlando.
Pete Meier
Congratulations to Louis Parsch, the January winner of the monthly Motor Age “ASE Question of the Month” series!
Federated Auto Parts
I wasn’t angry because I had lost the technician competition. I was angry at myself because I had tried a testing method I was sure I understood and failed. (OK, maybe I was also a little angry that I lost.)
Pete Meier
Electrical problems are often hidden from view, if not entirely invisible to our sight. We have to rely on our tools and our knowledge, often actively ignoring what our emotions may be telling us.
The Trainer
To be a great diagnostic technician, you have to be able to understand how things interact, and how one element of a system can impact another. These are all critical thinking skills and some are born with a greater abundance of these skills than others.
Pete Meier
Every technician has been there — deep in the diagnosis, tunnel vision sets in, and often memorable mistakes are made. But it's only a failure of you don't learn from the experience!
Pete Meier