Articles by Jaime Lazarus

What do you do when there is no As Built data published for the vehicle? Jaime Lazarus leads you through this reprogramming nightmare and shares his successful conclusion.
This Ford pickup had been around from shop to shop, even making appearances at a local dealership. The initial complaint seemed simple enough: no start, no communication and no odometer. Then why did the dealer technician toss his hands up in surrender after a month and a half without a solution? It's all about a testing method we've preached about before - voltage drop!
I'm bringing up the typical car battery because I want to talk about the relationship of batteries and cooling systems. What's that? You say you're not aware of any relationship between the two? Maybe that’s because you weren’t told why it can exist.
A minor collision repair misstep causes a multitude of system DTCs
I encountered a stubborn apparition-infested 1998 Ford Explorer, 4x2, 5.0L. This vehicle, which had an automatic transmission, California emission, “believed” it was a four-wheel drive, but it had a two-wheel drive powertrain!
I don’t get scared anymore when the word “intermittent” is included in the problem description. I approach these situations as logically as possible.
If the alarm sounds when the door is opened it MUST have anti-theft, right?
With this month’s issue theme being “Maintenance and Service Repair,” I felt there wasn’t much I could contribute on that topic. After all, I'm a diagnostician not a service tech! Boy, was I wrong!