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  • O'Reilly has had a successful 10 months since its purchase of CSK Auto, and this reflects overall expected improvement throughout the entire aftermarket.
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  • More and more "American" products are manufactured in China, a country which simultaneously holds $1 trillion in American bonds and a great power over the marketplace.
  • A recent editorial ("Trade Wall," Aftermarket Business, August 2009) by Larry Silvey, editor-in-chief of Aftermarket Business and editorial director for the Advanstar Automotive Group, takes the position that U.S. companies are selling and U.S. consu
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  • So here we are almost at year end — with a better than expected outcome.
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  • In 2008 and 2009, the aftermarket for vehicle modification, as with most industries, saw a decline in revenue due to a decrease in consumer spending. Despite the general downturn, Frost and Sullivan?s 2008 research study, Analysis of the Attitudes an
  • Just six short months ago, we announced that we were discontinuing this publication in print in favor of all electronic distribution. Frankly, many of you didn't understand that. After all, Aftermarket Business was the leading print publication in it
  • While the North American light vehicle market is expected to see rapid growth in the installation of high-tech in-vehicle electronics, the majority of this growth will come from OE-installed telematics systems. Automakers are changing strategies towa
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  • Ammunition to make sales
  • It's getting cold outside, which clearly means it's time to analyze sales of – yes, that's right – A/C compressors. In truth, now is the time when many distributors are taking long, hard looks at demand patterns in the A/C category to be
  • The symbolic low point of our energy policy was last January when President Bush had to virtually beg Saudi King Abdullah for oil price relief. In the Saudi tradition, there was lots of kissing and hugging between the two leaders which, in the spirit
  • Performance brakes remained one of the most popular vehicle modifications in 2008, but the nation's economic downturn threatens to reduce consumer spending on such parts in the new year.
  • Despite a low price point and ease of installation, air filters will be impacted by the U.S. economy, analysts predict.
  • Can technology save the environment? The makers of the new Kiwi think it can, and are claiming that their new plug and play device will lower the average commuter's carbon footprint and save money — all while delivering common-sense, gas-saving
  • While the future is as uncertain as ever, we do know the consumer's budget has been strained for some time now, and it could get worse before it gets better.
  • People who know me agree I am a fierce competitor. I run my business the same way. Sometimes when I get into a competitive situation, I wonder why I have to defend my products or myself so often, especially considering the proactive approach we take.
  • GM, now facing possible bankruptcy, was once at the forefront of the electric car market with its EV1 model. The company recalled the 1996 vehicle after one year, bowing to pressure from the oil industry and others.
  • Well, as I said in my column last month, 2009 certainly turned out to be a very solid year for the aftermarket. But sometimes it becomes difficult to really look beyond the next quarter.
  • We have had a few weeks to reflect upon the recent results from many of our publicly traded aftermarket companies. Heading into the earnings season, we were confident in our estimates in spite of this being the first quarter of challenging year over
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  • We spent our week in Las Vegas walking the floors of AAPEX and SEMA, in addition to meeting with numerous public and private company management teams. It was readily apparent that the slowdown in the macro economy and difficult operating environment
  • There is a fundamental mismatch between supply — current auto manufacturing capacity — and vehicle demand. This situation could boost the aftermarket with longer vehicle lives and higher repair costs.
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