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International Newsmaker Q&A Colin Fielding

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 06:00
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In 1886 Robert Bosch established his “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the ensuing years his eponymous firm has carried forward the founder’s drive for continued innovation.

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Currently the company’s global operations are devoting large sums of funds along with extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise toward developing and perfecting the components necessary for bringing electric vehicles (EVs) into the mainstream automotive marketplace.

Bosch North American Regional President Colin Fielding recently provided information about the company’s worldwide EV efforts in response to a series of questions posed by Aftermarket Business World.

Q: What are some of the key electric vehicle powertrain technologies that you are developing?

A: Bosch is investing significant effort in advancing electric vehicles. A new operating unit for electro mobility will bring together all the company’s activities in this exciting area. In addition to the billions invested in improving internal-combustion engines, the company is investing some 400 million euros each year toward achieving a breakthrough in electro mobility. Most of this goes into battery research and development. Bosch is researching both current and future battery-cell technologies.

The company has already won more than 30 electro mobility-related orders. In 2016, it won a further 11 in China alone, the world’s largest market for electro mobility. From the start of 2018, the new Bosch Powertrain Solutions division and its 88,000 associates will offer all powertrain technologies from a single source.

Bosch is focused on electrifying powertrain through technology that provides consumers choice and sustainable performance. Through both OEM feedback and consumer interest, we are seeing that electro mobility is again moving to prominence. We are working to make electrification accessible to the masses so that OEMs can deliver on the promise of this technology to mainstream consumers.

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