• Automotive marketing firm DMEautomotive has released an analysis of overflow and after-hours service calls at 172 dealerships that found service departments were missing out on significant customer opportunities by mishandling these calls.
    Mike Martinez
  • Offered as a turnkey package, LLumar PrecisionCut is a proprietary system for digitally imaging and cutting patterns along with the ability to cut custom decorative graphics.
    Mark Gershenson
  • Zan Childress was recently named the parts and service manager at Choice Automotive Group, a used car, truck and SUV dealer in Valdosta, Ga.
    Zan Childress
  • An expert in U.S.-Cuba relations, Jake Colvin is vice president of global trade issues at the National Foreign Trade Council in Washington, D.C. and executive director of the NFTC’s Global Innovation Forum. He answered these questions about Cuba asked by Aftermarket Business World.
    Jake Colvin
  • Engineered to softly close a car door and compatible with all vehicle makes and models, SLAMSTOP is rolling out into the U.S. and seeking distributors and installers to carry the product. 
    Dmitry Iurgens
  • Lawyer Todd Walburg of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein specializes in automotive defect cases, and he is taking a particular interest in the Takata airbag controversy.
    Todd Walburg
  • With global demand for disabled-friendly vehicles experiencing unprecedented growth, the need for obtaining expert education for both business owners and technicians is critical when venturing into this segment, according to Dave Hubbard, executive director and CEO of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA).
    Dave Hubbard
  • Quest Resource Management Group manages environmental and recycling programs for auto dealerships, fleet operators and quick lube locations. Brian Dick, Quest CEO, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the challenges of recycling waste materials at auto dealerships.
    Brian Dick
  • Powertrain Integration specializes in engineering alternative fueling systems for numerous types of propulsion technologies ranging from hybrid sports cars to propane-powered trucks and uparmored military battlewagons.
    Brad Shantry
  • Upon returning home to Huntsville, Ala., Jeff Hammock – the founder and CEO of MechOptix – set about to invent Stoptix, an add-on LED brake lamp that signals a vehicle’s deceleration without having to hit the brakes.
    Jeff Hammock
  • Under the direction of Chairman and President Fred P. Hochberg, the Export-Import Bank of the United States is described as “an independent federal agency that supports and maintains U.S. jobs by filling gaps in private export financing at no cost to American taxpayers.”
    Fred P. Hochberg, Export-Import Bank of the United States
  • Last year, Launch Tech USA announced a new real-time telematics platform called GOLO. The OBDII dongle, combined with a new LAUNCH Android-based scan tool tablet and mobile app for vehicle owners, would allow shops to provide an aftermarket connected vehicle platform to their customers that allows advanced, remote diagnostics.
    Harlan Siegel
  • DD Technologies is aiming for a spring roll out of its Iris aftermarket add-on heads-up display unit, which will mount inside the car near the sun visor and retail for $499.
    Dallas La Porta
  • Steven Sturm, category development for autos at AOL Advertising, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the implications of connected vehicles.
    Steven Sturm
  • Black Book is a leading provider of pricing information for automotive dealers and customers. Recently, the company released the results of a survey on mobile computing used by dealers and remarketers who make wholesale and retail inventory procurement decisions.
    Mike Williams
  • In October, GCommerce announced that industry veteran Scott Luckett had joined the company as vice president of industry strategy. Luckett spent 17 years at the Auto Care Association, heading up industry data standards efforts and serving as the organization’s CIO.
    Scott Luckett
  • Mike Maris, senior director of transportation and logistics at at Zebra Technologies, which completed its acquisition of Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business in October 2014, spoke with Aftermarket Business World about the role of bar code scanning and other automatic identification technology in warehouse and distribution operations.
    Mike Maris
  • David Zuby, executive vice president and chief research officer at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about smart cars and safety improvements being implemented by OEMs.
    David Zuby
  • Joe Swaim, senior business application consultant at International Business Systems, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the supply chain technology needs of small and mid-sized distributors.
    Joe Swaim
  • Leaving Major League baseball behind and armed with a mathematics degree from Texas A&M University, Camilli scored in the aftermarket by inventing the Pulstar spark plug and establishing Enerpulse Inc.
    Lou Camilli, Enerpulse