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Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - 00:00

Interested in obtaining data that can help you develop brand strategies, programs for clients or move products off your shelves? We can help.

  • We have FREE data in PDF format (see below)
  • Right now we have an extensive list of categories from our 2008 DIY survey that you can buy at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.
  • Each category from our Consumer Attitude Study has unpublished, in-depth questions that can help your business. We've asked consumers about brand preferences, repair intervals and specifically where the products were purchased.
  • Let us conduct CUSTOM RESEARCH for you based on the business information you need. We have access to consumers, technicians, distributors, manufacturers and more.
  • For details on buying data or finding what you need, contact Editor Larry Silvey via e-mail at

The Top 40 Report
Each year since 1999 we've given you detailed accounts of the major distributors in the automotive parts business. In our Top 40 Auto Chain report, we highlighted the 40 biggest chains, tweaking the report each year to enhance its functionality. This report was last published in January 2009.

State of the Industry Report
Our annual State of the Industry report is the first look at the aftermarket from top to bottom – from manufacturers to consumers. Our research shows trends in the market across the board. Our 2008 report shows growth in the specialty parts sector and the increasing use of the Internet for both parts ordering and training. This report was last published in February 2008.

Car Care Center Study
This annual study analyzes 22 product categories: Air compressors, Air fresheners, Appearance/maintenance, Batteries, Battery chargers, Brake products, Chassis, Climate control, Diagnostic tools, Engine treatment, Exhaust, Filters, Fuel pumps, Hood shields, Oxygen sensors, Shocks & struts, Shop towels, Spark plugs, Touch-up paint, Water pumps, Wax & polish, and Wiper blades. This report was last published in April 2008.

Program Distribution Report
This special report lists the leading program groups and buying groups with information on their total members and the programs they offer. Our 2007 report takes an in-depth look at manufacturer consolidation, product outsourcing and the push for members in a growing global economy. This report was last published in May 2008.

Consumer Attitude Study
We contacted more than 2,000 consumers to ask their opinions about products, brands, advertising and more. If you want to find out how to move products, this year's Consumer Attitude Study examined 22 key segments, including: Additives/engine treatment, Additives/oil treatment, Antifreeze/coolant, Batteries, Battery chargers, Belts & hoses, Brakes, Car wash products, Diagnostic tools, Filters, Glass treatment, Hub systems, Motor Oil, Oxygen sensors, Shocks & struts, Spark plugs, Starters & alternators, Surface protectants, Touch-up paint, Wax & polish and Wipers. This report was last published in June 2008.

Do-It-Yourself Survey
This is one of the longest running, most comprehensive aftermarket reports covering today's DIYers. Loaded with important demographic data gathered during store intercept surveys at auto parts stores, this research explores the buying habits of today's auto parts consumers. This study covers product categories that have been performed in the last year. Our 34th annual study has details on many DIY activities, including: Antifreeze & Coolant, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Battery Testers, Brakes, Car Wash Products, Diagnostic Tools, Filters, Fuel Pumps, Glass Treatments, Motor Oil, Oxygen Sensors, Shocks & Struts, Spark Plugs, Touch-up Paint, Windshield Washer Fluid and Wiper Blades. This report was last published in August 2008.

Technician Attitude Study
Our 2007 Technician Attitude Study takes a close look at what shop owners, managers and technicians buy, where they get it from and why. Categories covered include Antifreeze, Batteries, Battery chargers, Belts & hoses, Brakes, Diagnostic tools, Engine additives, Exhaust, Filters, Fuel pumps, Gaskets, Ignition parts, Motor oil, Oxygen sensors, Refrigerants, Shocks & struts, Spark plug, Starters, Suspension and Wipers. This report was last published in October 2007.

Female Customer Report
Our 2006 Female Customer Report examines what type of automotive parts and products women have purchased in the past year, where they were purchased and who installed the part. Categories covered include Battery chargers, Brakes, Diagnostic tools, Engine treatment, Exhaust systems, Filters, Floor mats, Motor oil, Spark plugs and Wiper blades. This report was last published in December 2006.

Service Dealer Report
Our Service Dealer Report gives you details about some of the nation's leading service centers. Our intent is to provide distributors with contacts for new business, as well as inform them about the outlook for these chains. We realize we have not listed all of the potential customers in any given area. We’ve focused on large- to medium-sized chains, which does not result in a complete tally of potential commercial customers. This is just a start. This report was last published in February 2003. (Note: This is a downloadable PDF file.)

Do-It-For-Me Study
This survey consists of responses from 274 auto repair shops throughout the United States. The survey gives details about the buying habits of today's technicians. The report includes top reasons for buying from jobbers, auto parts retailers, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs; a profile of today's service dealers and opinions about the economy. This report was last published in October 2002.

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