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Dobac Internacional brings training, technology to Latin American market

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 09:00
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Looking to enhance the training and technology opportunities for its Latin American and Caribbean customers, Panama-based Dobac Internacional, member of the Federated Auto Parts group, has created a proprietary internet training platform, Kashima System.

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“We are proud that our customers are some of the highest quality, well-trained technicians for the undercar products that we supply,” said Jorge Carbonell, president/CEO of Dobac. “However, as we surveyed our customers, we found that there was a growing need for information and training for other vehicle systems and that the number of jobs that our customers were turning away was growing rapidly.”

Recognizing that the entire aftermarket opportunity was shrinking in his markets, Carbonell decided that he needed partners to address the challenge. This led to Dobac joining with Federated Auto Parts and its APSG partners with a goal of utilizing APSG training and information technology to support its customers.

“Federated was a first step in the collaboration we needed to address the challenges our customers were facing,” said Carbonell. “This led us to networking with other members of The Group and ultimately with 1Parts partner ADI in Europe.”

Carbonell traveled to Europe to meet with ADI Spain to understand how they provide training and education to their customers. This led to a meeting with Group Eina, ADI’s educational arm, who provides training, information and call center services for the aftermarket.

Working with Group Eina, Dobac was able to create the Kashima System which includes Kashima University, a 24/7 internet training system with five modules to prepare technicians for enhanced electronic systems diagnostics, along with a complete data support system and call center support.

“At Group Eina, we were happy to put all of our expertise working successfully for decades with the biggest group in Europe (ADI), and their associated shops, and work hand in hand with Dobac to help support the Latin American shops with the latest technologies,” said Jose Perez, director of innovation and partner at Group Eina.

“We were excited to find that Group Eina had everything we need to support our customers’ needs and were ready to help,” said Carbonell. “This process allows our most progressive shops to have everything they need to compete with the OE dealer and provide high quality service at competitive prices. We currently have 200 shops involved in a pilot program and the response has been incredible.”

Dobac will soon deliver new tools and products through the Kashima System platform to support customers with enhanced knowledge and capabilities in order to offset the support costs with higher sales from the new product lines. In addition, the Kashima System will make new marketing capabilities available to customers with the launch of customer websites and a shop locator app, along with other digital tools for enhanced end user service.

“We are excited for the opportunity to leverage technology globally from our business partners for the benefit of our customers. We look forward to supporting our shop network’s needs for training, information, and high-quality parts for the highly technical vehicles in the market today and into the future. We would like to invite all interested parties to join us in this huge effort,” concluded Carbonell.

For more information about the Kashima System, visit

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