Special Reports

  • We asked resellers about their customer needs, sales and expectations for 2012, and they answered — most with high expectations for the year ahead.
  • Aftermarket Business is taking an extensive, detailed look at investments in the aftermarket. We analyze what historically has happened to shape the market, the present market performance and expectations for what is to come in the future.
  • Aftermarket Business's 13th annual Consumer Attitude Study reflects the importance of the technician's recommendation during the consumer purchases.
  • Technician influence in product, servive and maintenance purchase is growing among cash-conscious consumers. In the first Aftermarket Business World Auto Service Franchise Product Study, respondents report that consumers take their recommendations "m
  • As a "data guy," I sometimes find it difficult to understand what a particular set of data points mean within a given aftermarket product category.
  • The 13 industry program groups report on membership, available programs, service center and store saturation and goals for the year.
  • Light-truck and SUV chassis components have taken a severe beating, both on and off the pavement. Yet, many of these vehicles' steering and suspension systems are based on automotive, not truck, designs for a more "car-like" ride. As a result, it's n
  • The two fastest rising applications in the crank position sensor category in August were the 2003 Nissan Altima (up 12 positions to No. 1 overall) and 2001 Cadillac Deville (up 11 positions to seventh overall). In both cases, according to two shop ow
  • Aftermarket Business is taking an extensive, detailed look at the practice of cataloging throughout the aftermarket.
  • Some applications gradually enter the aftermarket replacement cycle. Others, such as the 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, burst upon the scene, as demonstrated in our snapshot of March 2008 ignition control module (ICM) transactions.
  • It's still early in 2008, but already a trend is emerging. Automotive aftermarket companies are clearly assessing how the news of a U.S. economic downturn will impact their businesses. Low-cost service providers and companies that target late model v
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  • Whether it's because of the use of offshore replacement parts, vehicle design problems or misdiagnoses in the service bay, this month's three snapshots of national demand for replacement parts are dominated by Ford and General Motors applications. In
  • Application of a body kit to a car is a sound investment; it improves the car?s appearance and adds a personal touch to the machine. It can also register improvement in performance.
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  • Why do radiators, power steering pumps and wheel bearings fail? The root causes might be difficult to identify — a burst radiator seam, for example, could be related to a leaking head gasket — but it's your job to provide the right replac
  • When you mention interior style for vehicles, it's common to gloss over the seats and interior finish and go straight to the electronics. Interior modifications require a broad range of skills from simple replacements to custom installations. Frost &
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  • Each of the top 10 valve cover gasket applications captured in Activant eCatalog transactions in February are import vehicles. In fact, seven of the top 10 applications are Honda Accords.
  • Replacement parts businesses generally succeed or fail on their ability to offer the right parts at the right place and the right time.
  • Tracking the fastest rising catalytic converter SKUs is one thing, but identifying the underlying reasons can be difficult. Most catalytic converter failures are not caused by characteristics of the unit itself, but rather by upstream issues such as
  • The aftermarket engine performance community has a long and rich history of delivering thrills and chills — back to the days of flathead Ford V8s. What became politically incorrect (and potentially dangerous) "speed" equipment in the aftermarke
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