Special Reports

  • The aftermarket's largest automotive chains seem to be sporting armor against the economic recession that characterized 2009.
  • "Everybody is a potential customer for a battery charger," declares Wayne Marsh, vice president of store operations at Brooks Auto Parts, Inc., based in Douglas, Ga.
  • Obtaining a bump in chassis sales involves doing some heavy lifting to effectively work the category, according to Jim McKay, president and CEO of McKay Auto Parts in Litchfield, Ill.
  • Consumer vehicle spending decisions are being steered by the heavy hand of the economy and gas prices.
  • Technicians carry strong loyalties to their suppliers, as long as one key requirement ? parts availability ? is maintained.
  • In a world of information overload, consumers can turn in any direction to find guidance on what automotive products to purchase. But in the end, one route ? technician recommendation ? ultimately is the road most traveled.
  • The results of the first-annual Aftermarket Business World Discount Stores/Mass Merchandiser Product Study is now available in the Sept. issue of Aftermarket Business.
  • The consumer rules in our 8th annual study.
    Aftermarket World Auto Parts Distribution
  • This is one of the longest running, most comprehensive aftermarket reports covering today's DIYers.
  • Aftermarket Business's Fourth Annual Auto Chain Report (published in January 2002) reviews the top 50 automotive chains, jobbers and warehouse distributors.
  • Aftermarket Business and our sister publication, Motor Age, which serves independent repair shops, recently concluded our 2004 Aftermarket Outlook.
    Aftermarket World Auto Parts Distribution
  • We contacted over 10,000 consumers to ask their opinions about products, brands, advertising and more in the 2003 Consumer Attitude Study.
  • This is one of the longest running, most comprehensive aftermarket reports covering today's DIYers.
    Aftermarket World Auto Parts Distribution
  • Technicians mirror the ups and downs of the nation in this year's installment of our DIFM Study.
  • Aftermarket independent shop product sales and gross margins have remained steady over the past year, and expectations remain high that this trend will continue throughout 2011.
  • Despite the convenience and ease of price comparisons, technicians are not looking for suppliers online to meet their parts needs.
  • Fleets stay true to their suppliers, as long as they continue to meet their needs in pricing, parts availability and delivery speed.
  • Coming off the heels of a recession and now encountering high gas prices, more cost-conscious consumers are taking the time to compare prices before making automotive parts purchases.
  • What technicians have to say about aftermarket products is always important, but the first step may be understanding who these techs are, how they think and what they experience daily.
  • Independent repair shops are turning to retailers more than any other aftermarket supplier when making product purchases. The main reason? Price.