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Hanon Systems
The name Hanon symbolizes the company's core capabilities in thermal management with the Korean word characters han and on, each meaning coolness and warmth respectively.
Today you can get just about any type of maintenance or repair information online which, according to a 2013 survey by online retailer, is a key reason for do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) to shop online.
Auto Care Association
Market intelligence helps members and others make strategic decisions about new product introductions, budgeting, competitive pricing, allocation of promotional resources, geographic distribution of product and more.
The well-documented explosion of light vehicle sales in China will create a vast aftermarket and opportunities for aftermarket suppliers.
Kevin McGirl
It’s possible to use the high sales of certain products to lift other products higher. For example, electrical, steering and suspension parts, as well as fluids and lubricants, all pair well with new brakes
Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls plans to pursue a tax-free spin-off of its Automotive Experience business. Following the separation, which is expected to close in approximately 12 months, the Automotive Experience business will operate as an independent, publicly t
Centric Parts
Centric Parts is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2015 with a new ad campaign and slogan that celebrates Centric’s comprehensive expertise and reputation for excellence: Centric Delivers, From Lab to Lift.
The independent automotive aftermarket has a history of making bad decisions and 99.99 percent of what’s happened to us is based on stupidity and a lack of foresight. 
MAM Software
MAM Software Group received the Outstanding Technology Partner of the Year by the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance.
NHTSA is wondering whether, and how, it should order additional authorized repair facilities, or any other regulated entity, to aid Takata and/or manufacturers in the timely completion of remedy programs.

Special Reports

Auto service and repair shop owners and technicians are becoming less reluctant about using online purchasing methods to buy auto parts, according to the Aftermarket Business World 2015 Online Purchasing Habits Study.