• Mike Cleary is gearing up for two automotive training classes in Phoenix this spring. Cleary, with Automotive Technical Support Services, will teach two training classes on systems from module installation to restraint systems to remote keyless entry
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  • Doing more with less is a key challenge for manufacturers during economic turmoil — but there are ways to stay afloat despite instability, according to one Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) presenter.
  • The deadline is approaching to register for Standards Testing Laboratories (STL) 2009 Tire Technology seminars at the company's Massillon, Ohio, headquarters on June 2-4 and October 13-15.
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  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a further refinement of the orginal Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). In the wake of governmental and public outcry, the NHTSA proposed a new rule requring this on all vehicles by 2012. Modern ESC systems are complet
  • Melling recently filmed the first three episodes of its new Web video series "Tech Tips with George." The first video of the series appearls on the company's Web site and covers oil pump screen installation.
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  • New engines like the Scuderi Split Cycle may look conventional from the outside, but inside is a whole different story.
  • My commute home in the evening can take up to two hours, depending on traffic. To avoid frustration, I have a favorite afternoon radio show that always keeps me smiling. On the way home the other day, the DJs were encouraging listeners to come up wit
  • Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES) has engaged the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to explore ways the two organizations can better serve the needs of students, schools and the automotive service industry.
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  • Continental Tire Canada, Inc. (CTCI) is continuing its sponsorship of the BMW Driver Training. New in the program for 2009 is the BMW Winter Driver Training recently held at the International Club Academy Racing (ICAR) in Mirabel (QC), a location Con
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  • Online registration for the Automotive Service Association?s (ASA) 2009 Annual Convention is now available by visiting The convention is April 30-May 2 at the Caribe Royale All-Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Orlando,
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  • The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) is approaching its deadline for people to apply for the 2009 SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund (SMSF).
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  • Today?s vehicles more than ever require sophisticated diagnostics equipment manned by highly trained technicians to properly pinpoint any needed services or parts. And that technology will continue to evolved, making it more important that independen
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  • Introduced in 2003, the GX 470 is still in production for the 2009 model year. Based on the Toyota 4Runner/FJ Cruiser platform, this full-frame luxury truck combines first-class on-road comfort and handling with real off-road capabilities.
  • A Lexus SC300 came into our shop once with an oil leak that we identified as a power steering pressure line leak. The owner later brought in his mother's 1996 Chevy Blazer to have its engine worked on. From that Blazer to oil leaks in Chevy trucks, t
  • We've seen some fairly broad swings in fuel prices over the last year or so. That simple fact alone means there are several good reasons for increasing the fuel capacity of a diesel pickup. With a larger tank, a customer can shop around for the best
  • Removing a transmission on a late-model vehicle can often involve removing an entire subframe and steering rack, and using an array of special holding and lifting tools. It's a huge endeavor, so checking carefully to see if there are other possible c
  • With more light vehicles running on diesel engines and even more expected to be on the nation?s roads in the near future, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has responded with a new test for technician certification.
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  • When you think of drivability issues, the proper function of the air conditioning and cooling systems is probably the last thing on your mind. In addition, global warming is one of the "hot" issues of our day, and refrigerant emissions — both d
  • If your service writers or office managers aren't smiling when they answer the phone, you're making a big mistake in today's economy, says Mike Sires of Profit Partners, Inc.
  • The DRBIII (Diagnostic Readout Box 3) scan tool uses specific functions to diagnose Chrysler PCI (Programmable Communication Interface) Bus system.