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Closing the sale

All is takes is some training, customer focus to turn every estimate into a repair order
Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 07:00
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All of us are consumers. In an average day, we are bombarded by endless advertising, which gives us reasons why one particular product is better than another. Radio, TV, the Internet, social media, newspapers — everywhere we turn, someone is trying to sell us something.

Sales are a huge part of every industry, including ours.

Also in every industry are choices and a great deal of competition. Some items or services are easy to sell because they are something consumers may need or want every day — for example, Coca Cola.

In Coke’s market, there are many choices: Pepsi, RC Cola, Tab, Diet Rite, and many more. Why buy Coke over other brands? It tastes good, but much of the reason consumers buy it is based on emotion and how the advertisements make them feel. 

Can we use emotion to help sell our services? Absolutely! Services we offer as collision repairers are needed less often than everyday items like Coke. Therefore, it is extremely important that when a customer comes into your shop needing repairs, you do everything possible to capture the sale. Unfortunately, most of us don't have get taught how to do that. We generally provide the customer with the requested estimate, and hope they pick our shop over the competition.

However, hoping for success won’t get you very far. So let’s look at some tactics that will help you close the sale. Always keep in mind what you look for as a buyer, and try to provide those same things to your potential customers.

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