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Q&A with CARSTAR's David Byers

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 07:00
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David Byers, CARSTAR CEO, sat down with ABRN during the CARSTAR National Conference in Puerto Rico, Jun 21-24, which celebrated the MSO’s 25th anniversary.

ABRN: As CARSTAR celebrates 25 years, what are some of the keys to success from the past that you’ll take to the future?

DB: The whole company was founded on the concept of training, education and helping our people be more successful. That is really the concept that Lirel Holt, the founder of CARSTAR, set out to do. It is critically important that we carry that mantra forward and continue to help our people be some of the best educated, best certified, best prepared people in the industry.

ABRN: Training needs are continuously changing. How do you keep your shops up to speed?

DB: We have a proprietary training system called The EDGE Performance platform.  It has multiple tiers, a ton of content and sequencing where we take our stores through each of the tiers. And they are sequenced in such a way that they work together more effectively. And at the end of each of those tiers, we have certification for our stores. This process ensures that we get all of our training fully executed and implemented throughout the network. It includes technical training, financial training, operations training, process training.  The entire CARSTAR process is baked into that system. The EDGE platform is continuously evolving. Since Dean Fisher’s arrival last year as Vice President of Field Services, we have put an intense effort on upgrading and expanding it, providing significantly more content and providing certification for the various levels, ensuring that our stores comply with getting through the tiers on the appropriate timeframes. It’s 1000 percent more robust than it had been in prior years.

ABRN: How is CARSTAR preparing its shops for aluminum?

DB:  We are the only MSO that does aluminum certification today, and we’ve been at this for several years. This is something we are accustomed to, and that gives us a leg up in how we then prepare the rest of our network for these changes.

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