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Here’s a look at control arm and stabilizer bar replacement in a popular compact vehicle, the new Chevy Cruze, using instructions provided by GM. Use the lessons learned here, particularly the need to use specialized tools and precise calibrations, in all your suspension work.
Use the following tips to select the best protective equipment and ensure your workers are always properly suited for welding every time.
Becoming far more familiar with the KPIs behind materials and labor usage is the first step in getting the most out of those materials and your staff.
The Q7 uses a mix of 51 percent steel and 49 percent aluminum in its body, out pacing similar hybrid mixes in the industry and arguably planting a new standard for other automakers to look to.  
Shops lose valuable work time chasing down the source of complaints or providing resolutions. Your best strategy here is to either head off customer issues with proven strategies or having a set of resolutions in your back pocket you can provide should a problem arise.
Successfully verifying that all these systems are back to working condition following a repair should be the goal for every shop. Use the following five steps and guidelines to better prepare your shop to handle these chores.
Once mainly a hallmark of the custom hot rod crowd, pinstriping is making a comeback in the traditional vehicle market.
Here’s a look at critical differences in repair steps for subsets of the same popular vehicle models, specifically light-duty and heavy-duty trucks.

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