Articles by John Shoemaker

The problem insurers have is the documentation repairers provide for the scans, not the scans themselves. As I reviewed estimates, I saw very little documentation about the scans or the results.
Next to payroll, parts is a major recurring expense for a repair shop. Managing that expense is the key to keeping a shop profitable. The day you order the part versus when you use the part is a factor in profitability.
Many shop estimators don’t know more than the basic functions of their system. Others try to write an estimate squinting at a small screen requiring them to flip between windows to complete the estimate.
Why can’t we get shops to train employees? That is where the conundrum comes in -- the training that the shops know they need becomes secondary to their immediate problems at hand.
Whether you call them fast track or express repairs, these small repairs could be the key to improving cycle time. Fast track repairs generally cost less than $1,500, which for most shops is commonly 45 percent to 50 percent of their business
What is the average closing percentage of website leads for collision shops? I researched this and realized there are shops that do not know how the work they get in the shop is finding them, nor where new business is coming from.
In addition to including glass removal under preparation for repair, you should also think about pre-painting parts like core supports, hood hinges, rear body panels and even the underside of the roof if it was required in OEM procedures.
I have visited shops with full parking lots who think they are busy, but realistically, nothing is moving. The repairs are all scheduled, regardless if a technician is available to work on them, just because it is Monday.