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Quality and warranty are the two most important items tire dealers consider when purchasing non-tire aftermarket parts and products, according to the 2017 Aftermarket Business World Tire Dealer Study.
After two consecutive years of collision repairers saying they felt less pressure from insurance company influences, that trend reversed in the Aftermarket Business World 2017 Collision Shop Study.
Avoiding costly violations, examining fundamentals of the U.S. auto market and analyzing big data in the auto sector were topics of three speakers at the NACE Automechanika Business Outlook Conference today.
Dozens of bills were introduced by numerous states related to connected vehicles. The varying standards create a regulatory quagmire for companies that want to build vehicles that can be driven in all 50 U.S. states.
Bob Redding
Quality and availability are the two reasons technicians cited most often as to why they buy a specific aftermarket product, according to the 2017 Aftermarket Business World Technician Attitude Study.
Auto service and repair shop owners and technicians are getting more comfortable with some aspects of ordering auto parts online, according to the 2017 Aftermarket Business World Online Purchasing Habits study.
Properly managing your online reputation is more important now than ever.
There is no more sure-fire way to sabotage the success of your business than by making bad hiring decisions. What’s just as bad, is to hire good people but see them soon leave for other job opportunities.

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