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  • Don’t let ever-changing industry activity put a strain on your awareness of current issues.
  • Take some control over the high cost of medical benefits.
  • Cold rolling has been an effective process, but today’s carmakers are focusing on alternative materials for construction — and refocusing on altering the steel itself.
  • An employee orientation process sets the stage for a positive culture and employee success.
  • In most collision repair businesses, you can find additional profits simply by making a small improvement in a particular area. 
  • Here’s what we should all resolve to make happen in 2014.
  • The biggest factor in a customer giving the insurer a good grade and renewing is how quickly that insurer shows them the money.
  • Anyone who has been in the collision repair business for any length of time must have been told at some time during an intense negotiation session that, "You are the only one." Of course this can apply to almost any situation, or operation listed on
  • With the holidays fast approaching, this month’s column isn’t about fixing cars. It's about life.
  • It's critical to master ways of turning off stress triggers and learning how to deal. 
  • How will mobile technology be changing your estimating and sales processes?
  • I see a few common themes in the industry. If any of these are occurring in your business, it is time for you to make a change.
  • If a change to a refinish labor time on a repaired panel is going to be made, what magnitude of a change is appropriate?
  • If the fires that occur in our shops are quickly extinguished or kept to a minimum, then the owner or manager can work on the business.
  • A QR code can be a valuable tool in your collision repair business.
  • There are lessons and skills in yoga that carry over well into everyday life and business.
  • The key to accurate financial reports is making sure that the data is coded accurately before it ever goes over to the financial system.
  • Are you overlooking half of your potential new hires? You are if you aren’t actively recruiting women into your organization.
  • The more predictable the repair, the better the repair process.
  • As much as possible, do business with those who share your values.