Colors On Parade
Colors On Parade announced the opening of four new franchise locations.
Brian Albright
RecsLock has teamed up with the Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers (IADA) Association to help shops ensure they are up-to-date on permitting, but at a lower cost than managing the entire process themselves. 
Cortec is greeting the MRO (maintenance, repair, operation) market with a freshly updated brochure on EcoClean/EcoSpray corrosion control and maintenance products.
The 36 additions include thirteen exterior lighting parts; five fascias; four wheels/wheel covers; four grilles/GORs/GOPs; three valances; three brackets; two fender shields and two radiator supports.
Miller Electric Mfg. LLC announces the Make My Miller giveaway to recognize enthusiastic welders and reward one participant with a customized Miller machine painted by Max Grundy of Max Grundy Design.
The Database Enhance Gateway (DEG) recognizes industry partner PPG as the longest-standing platinum sponsor of the online industry resource for five years and counting
Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) is pleased to announce a partnership with Pat O’Neill to provide its customers with body shop workflow consulting services.
Abra Auto Body Repair of America, a leading U.S. collision and auto glass repair company, continues its national growth with the acquisition of five centers in April.
Prom and graduation season is here and with it comes the excitement of celebrations, sharing photos, videos and texts with friends and families. But it’s also accompanied by an elevated risk for teen drivers.
Regional support across the country amps up as CARSTAR prepares to propel franchise partners into new levels of profitability.